Ultrasonics Engineering

Ultrasonics Engineering Pty Ltd is a new company established to provide Industrial size Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths that actually work!

We provide an on-site demonstration that proves the ability of the machine in a real-world environment like in your workshop and our products can clean complete diesel pumps, automatic transmissions, cylinder heads, throttle bodies and inlet manifolds.

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Superior Quality Cleaning

I have no hesitation to put any bath made worldwide side by side and to see the superior cleaning action of our baths. While manufacturers use cheap ceramic disc transducers that only last 1 year we use the best quality Piezo Electric ceramic billet transducers that are long-lasting. The vast difference in power and quality is second to none.

Match this with pulse sweep technology of triggering the transducers and the cleaning effect is way ahead of any other cleaning bath on the market.

Tech Specifications