Ultrasonics Engineering

About Us

Ultrasonics Engineering Pty Ltd is a new company established to provide Industrial size ultrasonic Cleaning baths that actually work. We provide a on site demonstration that proves the ability of the machine in a real world environment like in your workshop.

For the past 25 years I have seen how businesses make big promises on what there machine will actually do but in reality they never do. No one will do a live demonstration as there machines don't work quickly and efficient.

No more machines that are sold off websites with great pictures. Show me how it works in a real live environment. Majority of all machines sold worldwide will not do the job you want and if imported you are going no where when it fails.No back up service/No spare parts and nobody to talk to. You want a demo/Give me a call any time.

First I wanted a Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath that was big enough to fit the largest Australian Cylinder head in by 3. The machine had to provide enough power to clean even the most stubborn Carbon build ups on Diesel and Petrol Cylinder heads/Blocks/Rocker gears/Timing cases in 20/30 minutes in a safe environment.[Food Safe Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid].

Provide a Biochemical [Food Safe] for the cleaning bath that would clean both Alloy and Cast iron with ease and last for 8 months. Disposal of used chemical wont cost a fortune as a bio chemical. Clean engine blocks without the use of harsh caustics or Acids.

Finally provide a engine shop the equipment that works and eliminates the need for caustic baths and acid tanks.The use of Sand Blasting/Soda blasting and wet blasting has nearly been eliminated.

Build in a huge fluid transfer pump and lines all of Stainless Steel to recirculate the cleaning fluid.The industrial size Stainless Bag Filter is fitted externally to capture any foreign objects that may be inside the tank. Build in 2 oil catches and oil spray bars to remove oil deposits while in operation.

The need for a full heating system was required to super heat the bath quickly and efficient.You can heat 380 litres in 40 minutes. Up to temperature and ready to go.Set and forget.We clean at only 40 degrees. I am committed to this machine and are happy to bring it your workshop anywhere and anytime.I will show you how well it works.

I have set up a fantastic distributor network with people who actually care and share my passion. Should you need any information at all please ring me for details.

Ultrasonics Engineering Pty Ltd.